Light Ministry Orchestra

Light Ministry Orchestra is a youth orchestra with
founder Edmund Lucius Oey , Celine Handoko and Maddison Kurniawan.

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Light Ministry Orchestra is a youth orchestra with founder Edmund Lucius Oey , Celine Handoko and Maddison Kurniawan.

The name “Light Ministry Orchestra” brings “light” to all youth by providing equal opportunities for them. The orchestra aims to reach youth from all walks of life and connect with those suffering from health impairments.


Criteria for becoming part of Light Ministry Orchestra:

Students in Jakarta (Grades 7-11) who would like to play for Light Ministry Orchestra must undergo an audition. During the audition, the young musicians must play at least one song with an instrument and answer a minimum of 7 questions.

Pentingnya Belajar Musik

Meningkatkan Kecerdasan Diri

Bermusik menambah kecerdasan  siswa/I baik secara intelektual (IQ) maupun emosional (EQ)

Menumbuhkan Sense Dalam Diri

Saat memainkan alat musik, siswa akan merasa terhubung secara batin dengan setiap nada-nada yang dimainkan

Meningkatkan Kepercayaan Diri

Dengan latihan dan home concert yang diadakan oleh (nama produk), siswa/I akan mampu menambah kepercayaan diri dengan menampilkan kemampuan bermusik di depan umum

Meningkatkan Tingkat Konsentrasi

Dalam bermusik siswa/I akan belajar dan mengingat setiap not balok dalam partitur sehingga  mampu membantu meningkatkan konsentrasi siswa/i


Light Ministry is a ministry that aims to inspire the younger generation through orchestral performances, learning and performing musical instruments, educational programs, and community activities. Many young people who are experienced and skilled with their musical instruments are eager to share their knowledge of music with other curious minds. In other words, we help connect these young musicians with other people who would like to bind together to attend delightful musical performances and unite everyone to perform regardless of their disabilities.

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We embrace solidarity and compassion through workshops and performances. Our activities and events are designed to build social skills and confidence of youth who are suffering from health impairments. We believe that musical rhythm may touch the creativity in one’s soul. May the language of music support and shape humanity through our efforts.

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