Light Ministry Orchestra


Mentors play an important role in the orchestra.

Their guidances, supports, and expertises have been a great blessing and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from them. They not only teach us the technical aspects of playing an instrument but also share the essence of interpretation, emotion, and artistry. Their passion for music and dedication to helping others succeed is truly inspiring. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor and for making the musical journey memorable.

Fafan Isfandiar
(Assistant Conductor)

Elok Shinta Meilina Agus (Violin 1 Mentor)

Okiyani Wahyu Asfari (Violin 2 Mentor)

Syafruddin Mangku Negara Ssn (Violin 3 Mentor)

Muhammad Affan (Cello Mentor)

Ammar Abdillah Afif (Mentor Contrabass)

Nedy Benediktus (Mentor Woodwind)

Ganang Dwi Asmoro (Horn Mentor)

Lisa Gracia Supadi (Harp Mentor)

Charles Nehemia (Mentor Piano)

Light Ministry Ensamble

I Nyoman Trieswara Minartha (Conductor)

Fafan Isfandiar (Koordinator Pelatihan)

Nedy Benediktus (Mentor Woodwind)

Charles Nehemia (Mentor Piano)

Dora Uli Hertianna (Guru Pendamping)