Light Ministry Orchestra

Light Ministry Orchestra is a foundation

with youth Founder Edmund Lucius Oey, Celine Handoko and Maddison Kurniawan.

Edmund Lucius Oey

Celine Handoko

Maddison Kurniawan

It all started from friendship that turns into a mutual vision, that music has the incredible ability to bridge gaps and connect individuals from all walks of life, especially autistic/ special need and typical regular young mucisians.

The name “Light Ministry Orchestra” brings “light” to all youth by providing equal opportunities for them regardless any dissabilities.

By playing together in harmony, both in music and compassion , we can bring light to the lives of those who need it most.

We are very grateful and blessed that Mas Addie MS, a well known Indonesian conductor, producer and notorious composser , as well as an inspirational being, are also in the same vision that music may touch the creativity in one’s soul, and UNITE people despite of all our differences.

Through a selective process of audition by Mas Addie MS and Mas Fafan Isfandiar, Light Ministry Orchestra was formed . A youth orchestra with a social vision,

Our vision is to embrace solidarity and compassion in this generation through musical journey.

We are longing to build social skills and confidence by building a musical platform for those who has dissabilites, and special needs, so that they can showcase their musical abilities and also creating an accepting community.