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Light Ministry Orchestra

  1. Light Ministry Orchestra (LMO) welcomes auditions for every individual from the age of 13-17 years old and the age of 13-30 years old for children with special needs.
  2. Only candidates who is able to play standard western orchestral instruments from the strings, woodwinds, brass, or percussions family will be considered
    (Note; if you play piano, you can register for percussion)
  3. Candidate must be in Jakarta during LMO Concert month in November 2023
  4. LMO will have FIRST STEP OPEN AUDITION by fill in registration form in the google form,

    And in addition, if you have any experience in playing any music instruments, it will be great to
    share your performance video through Youtube channel (if any) or IG

    You must submit the registration form (google form) between 5 to 25 January 2023.


– For those who have experience in playing music instruments, please share your performance video that showcase your experience in music through Youtube channel / link, or IG
– We accept every piece whether it is Classical, Pop, Indonesian, Jazz, etc
– For those who do not have any recording, it is not mandatory to submit

  1. The SECOND STEP AUDITION will be Stage Live Audition. (Date and Time To Be Announced later)

Candidates who passed the first audition MUST go through the SECOND STEP AUDITION

  1. Once Accepted by LMO, every LMO Members will have to follow ALL the rules & regulations as well as standard terms & conditions given by LMO Management.
  2. Every LMO Members MUST be responsible for their Attendance at scheduled rehearsals (As it is the MOST IMPORTANT requirement at LMO).
    If your attendance is below 90%, LMO will have the right to terminate your Membership with LMO.
  3. Every LMO Members must agree to send the recording of their own practices (If Needed OR As required by the LMO coach)


Please fill in the audition form:

For any additional questions or information, please visit LMO website at

Or you may connect to LMO through:



Light Ministry Orchestra

IG: light_ministry_orchestra

Looking forward for your participation and see you at LMO OPEN AUDITION!

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